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Spicy Italian Panini 10
Genoa Salami & Pepperoni with mozzarella. Topped with dijon, pepperoncini on ciabatta bread. 
Chicken Pesto Panini 10 
Grilled Chicken & mozzarella, topped with pesto and arugula on ciabatta bread.       
The BLT Panini 10
Grilled Bacon, cheddar cheese, topped with arugula and sliced tomatoes on sour dough bread. 
Turkey Provolone Panini 10
Turkey & Provolone topped with tomatoes and arugula on sour dough bread. 

-Add Green Chili $1 
Crisps  7
Freshly fried potato slices served with a side of ranch.   
Fried Brussel Sprouts  8 
Fried Brussel sprouts with golden raisins and balsamic glaze. 
Caprese Salad 9.5 
Fresh Mozzarella accompanied with sliced tomatoes and basil, finished with a balsamic vinegar. 
Charcuterie Board 25 
Serves up to 4! A wonderful assortment of meats, cheeses, crackers, and fruits! 


Green Chili Cheese Burger 14  
8oz patty topped with cheddar cheese bacon and green chili.
Blue Cheese and Pickled Pear Burger 12
8oz patty topped with fresh blue cheese crumbles garnished with a pickle pear rose.
 Cheddar Bacon Jam Burger 14.5
8oz patty topped with house made bacon jam and melted cheddar cheese.  
Sweet Heat Burger 12.25 
8oz patty topped with Thai chili sauce and fried jalapeños.
Turkey Club 15 
Hickory smoked turkey topped with cheddar cheese, green chili, and bacon.         
Caramelized Onion and Blue Cheese Club 12   
Hickory smoked turkey topped with caramelized onion and blue cheese crumbles.        
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